Park View City is a unique and state-of-the-art real estate project that holds the location in the world’s second beautiful capital, Islamabad. In the sight of locals, Park View City Islamabad has gained immense popularity and trust because this real estate project is delivering everything that anyone can think about lavish living.

This amazing residential project is edging the green botanical gardens and lush green Margalla hills that make it a true definition of heaven on earth and serenity. PVS Islamabad has unique development and international-inspired living amenities that is why this project has become an apple of the eye of end-users. Park View City NOC has been approved by CDA, and within no time this project has got a go-ahead by Capital Development Authority (CDA) to initiate development and construction work. After the Park View City NOC approval, there are no hiccups in its demands from the end buyers.

Here are the latest updates about the Park View City Islamabad that you aren’t going to have elsewhere!


The development work in PVC Islamabad is ongoing with full zeal and zest. In blocks A and B, the development work has fully completed and the procession has also been granted to the owners of the land. In these blocks, about 60 homes are fully constructed there, while the rest of the landowners are about to begin the construction work.

In block C, E, and F, the groundwork has been finished, and the process of laying underground water and sewerage lines have also initiated. As per sources, the development work will take more pace soon and it’ll be near to completion in almost 6 months.

The development work status in the D block is also optimal. Almost, 80% of the development has been completed in this block and the majority of the land is ready for the procession.

As we all know that recently the authorities of PVC have launched some extension blocks, named H, J, and K, and the development work in these areas is yet to kick off.


As PVC is one of the best real estate projects in Pakistan, with state-of-the-art designs, modern infrastructure, scenic views, top-notch amenities, and much more, it was in demand since day one after its launch.

During the launch of PVC, people have invested much in this area, and according to statistics, almost 75% of the people who booked the land were end-users. During the second phase of the launch, the percentage shifted drastically to 90%. Cool!

As per the authorized agents of Islamabad Park View City, the demand for this amazing real estate venture has been consistent throughout till the date after its launch. People are keenly taking interest in this beautiful area for short or long-term investments. But in terms of personal use, yet this area has little to no demand.

Many renowned real estate agencies are dealing with the authorities of PVC to market it, and as per them, this project owns amazing responses from the end-users. The real estate agencies are quite sure that soon all the land area of Islamabad PVC will be booked, and people will regret not availing the opportunity on time. Let’s see this claim is worth it or not.


The owners of the Islamabad Park View City Islamabad hold the credit of the land expansion on three sides. According to property news, more and more land is becoming a part of this mesmerizing project. The good thing is that the land acquisition of Park View City is always marketed with full zeal and zest. i.e. Recently the expansion blocks (J and K) of PVC Islamabad are in the hype.


As mentioned earlier, all the land buyers of PVC are end-users who are more indulged to invest in the smaller plot categories or the ones that match their needs. That is why the demand for 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots is high in PVC.

Also, there is another group of people who prefer a big land area, so 1 Kanal plots in PVC are running short fast. 2 Kanal plot size were already limited, which are getting less in number day by day because big investors are more inclined toward this plot category.


At the launch time, the prices introduced by the authorities of PVC were quite appealing for people, which made them invest in this project with full zeal and zest. Here is the initial payment plan for the PVC Islamabad.

5 MARLAPKR 3,957,500PKR 797,500PKR 395,000
8 MARLAPKR 6,012,500PKR 1,212,500PKR 600,000
10 MARLAPKR 7,015000PKR 1,415,000PKR 700,000
1 KANALPKR 12,525,000PKR 2,525,000PKR 1,250,000
2 KANALPKR 27,550,000PKR 5,550,000PKR 2,750,000

With the rise in demand for this splendid landmark, the prices have increased drastically. This high rise in payment plan shows the investment potential of PVC Islamabad. let’s have a look at the recent prices:

5 MARLAPKR  5,500,000PKR  1,107,500PKR 550,000
8 MARLAPKR  64,000,000 PKR 16,000,000          PKR 8,000,000
10 MARLAPKR  9,000,000PKR 1,815,000PKR  900,000
1 KANALPKR 20,000,000PKR 4,025,000PKR  2,000,000
2 KANALPKR 60,000,000PKR 15,000,000 (25% Downpayment)         PKR 11,250,000


The recent prices can vary from block to block of Park View City. The above-mentioned comparison was only to show the initial and recent price points so that the readers can better understand the price hype of Islamabad Park View City.


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We hope now you must be quite clear about all the necessary details and updates about the Islamabad Park view City (PVC).

After the completion of all the development work in PVC Islamabad, this real estate venture is going to be one of the best real estate projects in Pakistan. The time is near…!

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