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5 Different Investment Opportunities in Property Markets

5 Different Investment Opportunities in Property Markets

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” – Mark Twain

Real estate investments are the most prevalent and the conventional means of building assets. Pakistan’s real estate industry is rapidly flourishing and prospering as new real estate projects and investment opportunities emerge on a regular basis.

Every individual aims and works to achieve financial freedom and there are several various means to successfully attain financial freedom. One of those means is real estate investment. Real estate investments are considered as the most reliable and consistent kind of investment as real estate investments are not only highly profitable but are also tangible. Amateur and beginner level real estate investors’ lacks the proper knowledge and information hence, are unaware about the real estate industry, its working and highly profitable benefits.

Here, in this article we’ll be discussing the 5 different sorts of investment opportunities for real estate investors in the real estate industry, so that amateur and beginner level real estate investors’ becomes more aware and gain proper knowledge regarding the real estate industry of Pakistan.

Moreover, Real estate investment is also considered as the golden investment opportunity as it is a significant means to become financially independent while generating a passive and secondary source of income. However, many real estate investors’ finds real estate investments lucrative, whereas, many investors have achieved financial freedom by simply investing in the real estate industry of Pakistan.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into 5 different investment opportunities in Pakistan’s real estate industry.

5 Different Investment Opportunities in Real Estate Industry

Real estate investments can be categorized by the real estate investor according to their knowledge and experience they gain while developing, possessing, purchasing and flipping your real estate property.


Residential property such as houses, villas, apartment buildings and town houses are those which are owned by an individual and accommodated by a family. Residential real estate offers great return on investment, however, it also requires a lot of maintenance and care

Currently, Lahore Smart City is the best market to invest as it is a Lahore Development Authority (LDA) approved residential real estate project that enjoys an ideal location near Kala Shah Kaku interchange on Lahore – Sialkot Motorway. Furthermore, Lahore Smart City Location is not only prime, the Lahore Smart City Payment Plan is also designed in a manner that allows the buyers and investors the ease of investment while the flexible instalment plan helps in ensuring that the buyer or investor are also able to maintain their budgets.


Retail properties are those where the property owner gains a small amount of profit from the overall sales generated by the store outlet apart from the rent. Now, retail properties are usually commercial properties such as shopping malls and other types of retail store fronts.


Industrial property comprises storage facilities, warehouses and car washes etc. Basically, industrial property generates sales via the consumers that utilize the services of that industrial property, hence, industrial properties always house special purpose facilities. Furthermore, by incorporating other conveniences such as coin operated vacuum cleaners in a car wash facility increases the sales and revenue for the investor or property owner manifolds.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

Real Estate Investment trusts (REITs) are a platform for real estate investors who seek to have a diversified real estate investment portfolio and exposure without going through the traditional real estate dealings themselves.

A Real Estate Investment Trust is created and operated by huge businesses or organizations that utilizes the investments invested by the investors to purchase and maintain various income properties. Hence, such properties that are owned and maintained by REITs are also purchased and sold on platforms similar to stock exchanges.


Commercial properties such as skyscrapers, apartment buildings and shopping malls etc. are the second best real estate investment opportunity. Because, commercial properties require much less maintenance as compared to residential real estate property.

Presently, Park View City Islamabad Commercial properties is the best opportunity for investment. Located in the heart of Islamabad, Park View City Payment Plan offers the best prices for Park View City Commercial Plots which in the near future would return the investment rewards along with profits manifolds. Hence, Park View City Islamabad is not only the best residential investment opportunity but also commercial investment opportunity as this real estate project is being developed as an ultra-modern, luxurious residential community. Therefore, Park View City Commercial Plots would later become the hub of high end commercial brands and businesses.

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