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Why Nova City Attracts Investment from Every investor

Why Nova City Attracts Investment from Every investor

Real Estate developments and projects within the twin cities is no doubt has very much decreased in the past 2 to 3 years. However, a few real estate projects keeps emerging on a yearly basis.
Nova City is also one of those emerging real estate projects which is not only legitimately authorized and approved from the government but also is a great investment opportunity and has received great response from real estate investors and dealers.
Now, with any further a-do, let’s jumps into why you should consider Nova City while investing your hard earned money.

Nova City Location & Map:

Nova City is a residential real estate project developed by Nova City Developers.
Nova City Developers portfolio comprises of many successful residential real estate projects. Therefore, Nova City residential real estate project is also expected to be a huge success as the residential real estate project enjoys a premium location while promising a luxurious and lucrative lifestyle within a safe and secure gated community located on Fateh Jhang Road near to New Islamabad Airport and CPEC route.
Nova City enjoys a premium location on Fateh Jhang Road. Nova City has two entrance gates, the main gate is located adjacent to new Islamabad airport as well as CPEC route whereas the second gate is located on Rawalpindi Ring Road.
Hence, both the entrances connects the residential community with the metropolitan areas present within the twin cities, making it a centrally located lucrative and luxurious project.
Nova City enjoys a prime location on Fateh Jhang Road. Ideally located near the new Islamabad airport and the CPEC route while the other entrance of Nova City, connects the gated community with the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.
At this time, the real estate project Nova City is under pre developmental stages and haven’t been launched officially. However, the word is that the developers of Nova City are currently discussing to launch the lucrative and luxurious real estate project with an initial payment plan of affordable rates.

Nova City (NOC)

Nova City is legal property that has been approved by CDA, however, the No Objection Certificate commonly known as NOC is thus far to be acquired by Nova City developers.
Once, the NOC is acquired by the Nova City developers, they plan to organize a grand launch event where they would unveil the Nova City, real estate project.
Also the marketing process is also paused due to no NOC, because NOC approval or NOC documents makes a residential community reliable and trustworthy which in turn not only becomes a good investment hub but also as the hype increases buyers demands also increases.
Nova City promises to give an international standard living experience. Therefore, according to Nova City master plan, the residential real estate project is designed and developed as secure gated community which would be equipped with latest surveillance technology, electronic key cards along with 24/7 patrol and CCTV camera surveillance.
Nova City is being designed and developed while keeping in mind the comfort, peace and luxury of Nova City residents making it an attractive yet secure community to reside in.
Nova City offers residents a peaceful, eco-friendly and safe area where you can live a care free live with your loved ones.

Infrastructure & Amenities

Nova City master plan includes amusement parks, wildlife zoo and safari, playgrounds, recreational spots and much more.
As Nova City is located on a prime location on Fateh Jhang Road, where from one side of the gated community Rawalpindi Ring Road is accessible while the other side connects Nova City from New Islamabad Airport, CPEC route and Motorway M1 and M2.
Therefore, the gated community of Nova City is to have state – of – the – art infrastructure. From carpeted roads, to wide boulevards and to greenbelts and jogging tracks, Nova City’s infrastructure is not only safe and secure but also enhances the beauty of the community.

Payment Plan

The investment plans of Nova City comprises of budget friendly and low prices. And compared to the quality lifestyle which is being offered, Nova City is worth the investment.
Nova City not only has state – of – the – art infrastructure but also offers state – of – the – art and international standard educational facility Nova City School within the secure gated community of Nova City.
Nova City after acquiring its No Objection Certificate would become a government approved residential real estate project.

Nova City Facilities

Therefore, Nova City would enjoy a proper and outclass drainage and sewerage system along with 24/7 uninterrupted supply of water, gas and electricity making it valuable and worthy of investing your hard earned money.
Developers of Nova City has prioritized the comfort, peace and luxury of their residents. Therefore, lush green parks, amusement parks, recreational areas, commercial hubs, shopping centers, health and medical facilities etc. have all been included in masterplan of Nova City.
Such features enhances not only the quality of life but also enhances the environment while attracting the investors.
Other than this, Nova City’s central location is an advantage as new Islamabad airport is on 5 minutes’ drive, CPEC route is accessible and metropolitan areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad such as Blue Area, Parliament House, Saddar and Serena Hotel etc. are accessible via currently under development Rawalpindi Ring Road.
Developers of Nova City have designed and developed Nova City’s masterplan is a way that it not only is a beautiful, luxurious and lucrative place to live but also is an amazing opportunity for investment.
With all the attractive features, landscapes and structures, not only Nova City’s beauty is enhanced but also Nova City’s worth is also increased.


In short, prime location, secure gated community, efficient sewerage, state – of – the – art educational facility etc. are all those features that a buyers looks for when buying a residential property. Therefore, all these features would increase the buyers’ demand which in turn would increase the investors’ return of investment.

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