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Rawalpindi Ring Road Plan in Action – Economic Boost on the Cards

Rawalpindi Ring Road Plan in Action – Economic Boost on the Cards

The economic growth of any city or country depends upon the infrastructure of the area. The main component of a great infrastructure is wide roads. The roads play an important role in the development of the commercial zone and real estate sector of the area. Roads help people to connect with the nearby areas in no time. The network of roads helps smaller roads to connect with the big ones or vice versa and hence the mobility or access to multiple areas is made easier. Real estate developers are also keen to invest in such developing areas. Therefore, the development of Nova City Islamabad shows the interest of developers in the area. People from all backgrounds prefer roads for transporting most of the goods. In a country like Pakistan, most of the trade takes place via road networks. Even trade between countries has been made easier with the availability of a network of wide roads. Such examples include Silk Road which has been used as a trade route between East and West for so many years. Similarly, CPEC Route has been designed and proposed to boost the economic relations between Pakistan and China. 

Rawalpindi is one of the major cities in Pakistan. Due to its vicinity with the capital city of Pakistan, it is called the twin city of Islamabad. The development of this city will not only help the residents of Rawalpindi but it will also help Islamabad to get more business from the surrounding areas and vice versa. Certainly, the growth of the capital city will also result in the growth of the surrounding cities and the country as well.  Hence the government has announced the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road that will connect multiple big roads to the smaller ones and another way round. This project includes multiple interchanges that will help the vehicles to access different areas easily and make mobility effortless. 

Sighting the future, the real estate developers have started developing multiple housing societies that are approved by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) in the proximity of the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. Nova City Islamabad is one of the housing societies that are developing near Rawalpindi Ring Road. This society is getting popular due to its incredible infrastructure and facilities. Nova City Islamabad location and map has made it the first choice for investment in the real estate sector. However, the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road is under Public Private Partnership (PPP), it is a planning and development board. According to Commissioner Rawalpindi Captain Muhammad Mehmood, the construction of the road is supposed to start from May or June while the completion of the project is supposed to be ended by the year 2023. 

According to the plan shared by the Punjab government, 10 commercial and residential zones in the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project Economic Corridor (RRPEC) have been added.  The beneficiaries of the project are not only the urbanites but the villagers as well. Though villagers are again on the shallow side and getting less benefit as compared to the urban people, they are getting short-term benefits from the plan. The project will solve the residential issues in the twin cities. Moreover, people who commute daily from Rawalpindi to Islamabad for work will also be benefitted from this project. This project will solve the traffic issues and remove the traffic crowding. It will provide an alternative route to connect the two cities. 

Mr. Mehmood has said that the Rawalpindi Ring Road project is a 20-year-old project but didn’t get recognition before; this is for the first time when an advertisement regarding this project has been published. He also enlightened people that economic zones will include markets, factories, trucks, and bus stands around Rawalpindi Ring Road. These constructions will surely boost the economic condition of the region.

According to Rawalpindi Commissioner, the developing area would attract investors from all sectors and the government would try to facilitate all. That is the reason why most real estate developers are taking interest in the area. And housing societies like Nova City Islamabad are developing close to the area. 

Observing the potential development this is the right time to invest in this area. Not only the real estate sector and real estate developers tend to make big with this project but people related to other business communities or industries can also gain multiple benefits from this project. 

The government has taken care of the environmental issues by giving a two year time to heavy transports to empty the city as heavy transport will kill the purpose of constructing the Ring Road. A Vehicle Inspection Certification System (VICS) has also been set up near Chur. 

With the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road, heavy traffic of every kind would be banned and only urban transport will be allowed within the city. Two new depots, Waran Bus Stop near Saddar and one near Chur Bus Stand will be established. 

According to the reports, the project will cost almost 50 Billion rupees.  While according to the resources the government wants to complete this project with the least budget. According to the officials few changes have also been made to reduce the cost of the project. The initial plan was to build a 75 KM road but now it has been reduced to 54 KM.  The development of such projects is healthy for the development of the country. The progress of the Capital city Islamabad is interlinked with the prosperity of Rawalpindi as both cities are incomplete without each other. The real estate sector has found new hopes in the city with the development of the road. Real estate developers found an opportunity and created Nova City Islamabad to gain benefits from the investment opportunities created by the government. The surrounding housing societies and commercial areas are getting full support from the concerned authorities to get approvals. All investors from the private sector are free to invest while the government cannot buy land or make an investment while the government is responsible for providing the facilities like water, gas, and electricity.

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