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What are the location benefits of Nova City Islamabad?

What are the location benefits of Nova City Islamabad?

Nova City Islamabad is a new housing project developed by Nova Developers. This housing society is covering around 8740 acres of land, aiming to provide a luxurious lifestyle to people. This project is fulfilling the requirements of people at affordable rates. This project is located near the CPEC route and Rawalpindi Ring Road. This housing scheme is located at a prime location of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. To know more about the benefits of Nova City Location keep reading this article.

Though many projects are developing around this location but this project has got a premium location which has the tendency to show future growth of the property investment in this area. This housing project has world-class landscape parks and it is one of a kind housing society in Islamabad with the availability of all facilities, mosques, recreational space, shopping malls, hospital, education centers, and graveyards. According to the real estate consultants, this housing project is a city within a city. Nova City Islamabad NOC has not been approved yet. Developers are waiting for a response from the concerned authorities. The society is still in the pre-launching phase and soon the developers will launch the project after getting NOC approval. 

In the real estate sector, the value of a project is evaluated based on the facilities provided to the residents and the infrastructure of the society. Investors also overlook the importance of location while buying property, but this project has become the number one recommendation of real estate consultants due to its location. If you are also looking for the benefits of the Nova City location, here are a few:

Access to Main Roads

The main reason to invest in Nova City is its location. The project is planned to provide an essential pivotal location to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is connecting the twin cities. Due to its proximity to main roads, it is easily accessible. You can reach nearby places in no time. This housing society is located on main Fateh Jang Road. The project is lying next to the CPEC route. The newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road is also located close to this society. According to the initial layout plan of the society, the main entrance has access from Ring Road Rawalpindi while the other side of the society is connected to the CPEC route. According to the initial plan, one of the main gates of the society is on the Bongo Kanial road that connects you to the nearby small villages. The investors and residents have also found an attraction due to the close access to Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2 motorway). National Highway N-80 is also a few minutes’ drive away from the Nova City location. Hence it is easier for the people to move from one city to another in no time. According to the latest news regarding the development of Rawalpindi Ring Road, the road will develop completely within 2 years then the residents of this society will have access to Kohat, Dera Ismail Khan, Peshawar, Sawabi, and Lahore. The news is circulating in the real estate sector that the approval of Nova City Interchange on Rawalpindi Ring Road has been approved by the concerned authorities. 

Close to Airport

The value of any project increases if it is situated near a public transport stop or any other source of traveling like an airport, railway station, etc. The best part about Nova City Islamabad is that it is located near Islamabad International Airport. This feature has given it an advantage. The frequent travelers and businessmen are interested in investing in this place as it provides easy access to transport facilities and can save their precious time. Due to heavy traffic on roads it is difficult to reach distant places on time hence if your residency is situated near main roads or airport or bus stand or railway station, the time and effort required to reach your destination cuts to half. Along with that, you save yourself from the unnecessary hustle of traffic. As a result, you reach your destination with a fresh mood and great energy. 


Nova City’s location is admirable for its centrality. It is just 3 min drive away from Kanial, Rawalpindi. You can reach multiple areas of Attock in a few minutes’ drive. Bango, Dhok Korak, and Qutbal are just 6, 9, and 8 minutes’ drive away respectively. The project is not only close to Rawalpindi regions and rural areas but it is a few minutes’ drive away from the main sectors of Islamabad. Islamabad F-10 sector is just 25 minutes’ drive away and 15 minutes away from G-11 and G-13. So, if you have a perception that this society is located at a far distance from the main areas then blow away your doubts and invest freely in Nova City Islamabad. The project is surrounded by other projects that are RDA approved. These projects include Expo Center, education city, etc. The developers have taken care of the resident’s convenience and for that Nova City location is providing a network of smooth roads both internally and externally. Visitors or residents, both can access the location without any obstacles. Two of the most leading housing societies in Islamabad, Top City-1 and Capital Smart City are located around the NC Islamabad project. The location of this project is surrounded by three dams; Rama Dam that is supplying electricity to the housing project, Kasana Dam and Sapiala Dam are also located near the project. The location is ideal for the residents as they can reach any commercial, economic or social hub easily. 

Business Opportunities

The project has both commercial and residential plots; hence it is a good opportunity for businessmen to invest. Due to its proximity to the CPEC route and Rawalpindi Ring Road the potential of the commercial center to develop and grow is more than the other projects. Due to the development announced by the authority, the job opportunity in this area will also increase. According to the experts of the real estate sector and real estate consultants, the commercial zone in Nova City Islamabad is a great opportunity and will reap the best rewards in the future. 

The real estate consultants always advise the investors to invest on location. A good location can bring tremendous opportunities for you. Take advantage of Nova City Location and book your plot now. Don’t be worried about the Nova City Islamabad NOC approval as it will be approved soon. The process of acquiring NOC takes a little time as it requires approval of water, gas, and electricity connections as well. 

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