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The Best Real Estate Projects of the TWIN CITIES

Over the past few years, twin cities were in hype for their worth Real Estate Projects. There are many exciting property choices in the twin cities. Investor interest is sustained since a large number of properties are introduced to the pool regularly. The project’s newness and yet-to-be-completed growth can be attributed to worthy investments. 

Today we are going to highlight the top three and Best Real Estate Projects Of Twin Cities, Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Following are some high rated projects to invest in:


Pakistan’s first smart city, Capital Smart City, is located in Islamabad. It ranks as the world’s 23rd smart city. Capital Smart City, in particular, aspires to be the most attractive Real Estate development in the Twin Cities. Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited (FDH) is proud to present this project, which was established in partnership with Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL) and Surbana Jurong (SJ).

As a smart city, it makes use of cutting-edge information and communication technology, resulting in increased productivity and improved services. It also means that everybody is involved. This massive housing project aims to improve living conditions while also improving the region’s economic development.

Furthermore, the legal structure of Capital Smart City, the means of production, and productive business opportunities make it an attraction for investors. Once operational, this project would undoubtedly become one of the most important economic hubs in the country. It is currently thought to be the area’s first commercial hub.

  • Capital Smart City Islamabad location & map:
    Capital Smart City is a well-designed neighborhood. It would be a city in and of itself. Capital Smart City’s master plan is based on the Township Model. To put it another way, the planning team did an excellent job. Overall, the group is intended to be chic and high-end. Furthermore, it will meet all of life’s needs within its boundaries.

The districts and sub-districts on the Capital Smart City map are clearly defined. Similarly, each district is well-served by public services. Furthermore, the district- by-district division includes: Lake View Terrace Hill View Heights is part of the  Panda District, which also includes the Aviation District, the Education District, and the Healthcare District.

Above all, it is adding innovations to the real estate industry to ensure a long-term future. Capital Smart City aims to provide residents with a luxurious yet comfortable lifestyle by combining cutting-edge technology with unique infrastructure. In a nutshell, it would be a huge success.

  • Residential Apartments:
    Capital Smart City is offering affordable housing options that are particularly laced with the most advanced and modern amenities. It offers a diverse range of housing options based on family density, including the 5, 7, 10,12 Marlas Plots & 1, 2 Kanals Plots. The area allocated for Farm Houses is 5, 10 & 20 Kanals. 

Harmony Park, a new residential block in Capital Smart City, was recently opened. This block offers plots of the following sizes: 3.5 Marla

  • Commercial Units:
    Another point of interest is the industrial market. It is supplying vendors with world-class facilities. Commercial plots are now sold out, although they were formerly available in the 8 Marla & 4 Marla categories.

In short, it is one of the worthies and long-term investment real estate projects. Investment in Capital Smart City will be a future-proof deal.


Blue Group of Companies (BGC) presents Pak China Friendly City named Blue World City in partnership with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering from China. For the first time, Pakistan’s real estate sector will be exposed to a housing project presented in collaboration with a Chinese investment firm. The BGC and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China, recently signed an MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) for the establishment of the BGC.

Blue World City is committed to meeting the immediate residential and commercial needs of those who want to live a peaceful life. In reality, it has Chinese art reflected in its infrastructure. Furthermore, this residential project aims to provide both basic as well as specialized services and amenities.

Rawalpindi’s Main Chakri Road is where you’ll find it. It is located in front of Capital Smart City and is just 2 kilometers from Rawalpindi’s planned Ring Road. As a result of its strategic location, Blue World City is directly connected to Rawalpindi. It is also conveniently located just 10 minutes from the New International Islamabad Airport.

The land is divided into residential and commercial plots in the Blue World City master plan. These plots, however, come in a variety of sizes and categories. There are also Farmhouses available. The following are their information:

  • Residential Plots:

There are many types of residential plots available in this project. Here you will live the life of your dreams with all of the luxuries. The following types of residential plots are available:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla 
  • 10 marla 
  • 1 Kanal & 2 Kanal

  • Overseas Block Residential Plots:

Residential plots in the Overseas Block are reserved exclusively for overseas residents. The plots are divided into the following area groups.

  • 7 Marla 
  • 10 Marla 
  • 1 Kanal & 2 Kanal

  • Awami Villas:

These Awami Villas in Blue World City, Islamabad, were built to target low-income people in mind. These one-family units offer a luxurious lifestyle. Villas are available in the following categories.

  • 3 Marla (Single Story)
  • 5 Marla (Duplex Villas)

  • Awami Complex Apartments:

These Awami Complex Apartments are the best investment because they are close to the commercial center and the airport. The following are the categories in which they are available.

Apartment Types: Studio (375 Square Feet), Apartment with 1 Bedroom (562 Square Feet), Apartment of 2 Bedrooms (864 Square Feet)

  • Farm Houses:

Live your dream of country life in these farmhouses, particularly in Blue Hills, surrounded by lush greenery and landscape. The following categories of farmhouses are available:

  • 2 Kanal,
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal
  • 16 Kanal
  • Plots for Commercial Purpose:

It will become the region’s commercial hub due to its proximity to CPEC. Here 5 and 8 Marlas commercial plots are also available.


Park View City Islamabad is a safe and cost-effective housing development in the capital. It is conveniently situated in Islamabad’s downtown district. It will be a mix of comfort and serenity in one kit. Park View City is primarily designed to meet the needs of its inhabitants, who are of various ages. In short, this gated community’s luxurious housing design and well-advanced facilities make it a great place to enjoy a quiet life of tranquility in Islamabad.

  • The Location:

    On Malot Road in Islamabad, Park View City is located in Zone 4. It is also accessible directly from Kurri Road. Park View Cities’ location is perfect because it is nestled between Bani Gala and surrounded by lush greenery. It’s also next to Park Enclave and opposite Bahria Enclave. Park View City is just a 5-minute drive away from Park Road in Islamabad.

  • The Overall Strategy:
    The Park View City master plan covers 600 Kanals of land. It includes plots from a variety of ranges, such as:
  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 marla

Furthermore, Park View City’s architecture plan includes units in the following categories:

  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Meanwhile, luxury apartments are projected to be available shortly. Commercial plots are also available in the following categories:

  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla 

The entire community is divided into numerous blocks, numbered A through J. Additionally; each block is equipped with advanced amenities such as well-paved roads, street lights, lush green belts, and a variety of other features.

Apart from Park View City, Islamabad, another worthy project is running in Lahore named Park View City Lahore. This is another famous and appealing real estate project of Pakistan. 


If you are looking to generate a long-term investment revenue, then any of the above-mentioned projects are worthy to invest in. 

If you have any queries regarding real estate projects in twin cities, feel free to contact us….!

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