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Success Story of Park View City Islamabad


‘Rejoice With Your Loved Ones On Beautiful Piece Of Land’

In this beautiful world, people look forward to live in a peaceful and beautiful land where they can spend the rest of their lives with loved ones. Isn’t it…? Well, this is the dream of every individual.

In Pakistan, the piece of land that is designed to fulfill the living dreams of people is named Park View City. Yes, Park View City is no less than living heaven on earth in the heart of the federal capital of Pakistan. 

Park View City Islamabad is an intriguing residential area situated in the lush green scenic views of the federal capital near Malot Road. This real estate venture was launched in 2017 by Vision Group. Aleem Khan, a senior and renowned PTI member is the owner of Vision Group. The great reputation of Aleem Khan and Vision Group has contributed a lot to develop customer’s trust in Park View City Islamabad. 

The legal status of this project is quite satisfactory because this project owns a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Capital Development Authority. PVC Islamabad has unique real estate development and modern infrastructure in which residential plots, commercial plots, residential villas, and apartments are designed magnificently. 

Being a new yet somewhat established housing society is the apple of the eye of investors. Ever since its launch, this project hasn’t loosed the hype. In fact, the owners and the real estate agencies linked with the PVC have found an overwhelming response from Pakistani’s. Ever since the Launch of PVC, it has reached heights of success in terms of demands, investment potential, and standards. 

The Market demand of Park View City is consistent. Impressive…! As per the property insights, real estate agencies, and developers of PVC, the land demand in PVC is throughout stable since its launch. The investors are more indulged to invest here for a short time or long-term benefits, but when it comes to personal use, this land has less demand. 

While analyzing the Market demand for PVC in the first phase of the launch, we came to know that 75% of clients of PVC Islamabad are the end-users. In the second phase, the percentage rose to 90% which is incredible. These statistics are the true highlight of the success of Park View City Islamabad. The market demand for PVC is increasing day by day because the developers are taking the development work seriously, and they are delivering the commitments on time. 

As far as the Development Work In Park View City is concerned, blocks A and B are completely developed and possession has been granted to the concerned individuals. Almost 80% of the development has been done in Block D, and in blocks C, E, and F the groundwork has been completed. In extension blocks like J, K, and H, the development work has yet to be initiated. 

In terms of Buying Trends, Islamabad Park View City has topped the chart in terms of small plot categories like 5 Marla and 10 Marla. Mostly, the end buyers of PVC find the sizeable plot categories matching their investment needs, so they prefer to invest in 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots. This is the main reason why the prices of residential plots in PVC are much higher. 

In some cases, people who look for a big land area for personal use, are preferring 1 Kanal Plots. The number of this plot size is also running short fastly. 2 Kanal plots are also performing well. As far as the buying trends of the commercial area in PVC is concerned, it is quite expensive but people are investing in them as well. 

The success of any real estate project is also determined by the Land expansion of the project. The Land Acquisition of Park View City is working on land expansion on all three sides. Every day, more and more land is becoming a part of PVC in which new blocks are designed to deliver more land to people. 

In short, Park View City Islamabad is reaching the heights of success day by day. Every day, this project is excelling in terms of market demand and buying trends. PVC is emerging as the emblem of urbanization and modernity, it is the most preferable living and investment choice of people.


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